The Villages Golf Courses

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How many Championship courses are in The Villages?
There are currently 13 championship courses in the Villages, 10 of which have 27 holes and 3 being 18 hole championship courses. All championship courses are full legnth. The Villages has announced plans for 1 more 27 hole and 2 more 18 hole courses.

How many total holes of championship golf?
There are currently 324 championship holes with another 63 planned with perhaps more in the future.

How much does it cost to play the championship courses?
Resident Members (homeowners) can play for as little as $23 during the off season summer months to as high as $77 for in season play depending on the course. Resident guest can play for approximately $10 more per round.

What are the best championship courses in the Villages?
This depends on who you ask. Many Villagers will tell you the courses that are close to where they live, and rightfully so as the perception of those courses affects their property value. That said, most Villagers would agree the Villages signature courses, Palmer Legends and Nancy Lopez Legacy, are top tier. While the championship courses differ in design, most a kept to a similiar standard in regards to upkeep.

If you are looking for the area with the best championship golf, we would recommend the courses in between County Road 466 and State Road 44 (Near Lake Sumter Landing to Brownwood Paddock Square). This would include Palmer Legends, Cane Garden, Mallory Hill, Havana, Evan’s Praire, Bonifay, and Belle Glade – all within a 25 minute golf cart ride.

How many executive courses are in the Villages?
There are presently 41 executive courses in The Villages with 3 more announced. Each executive course is 9 holes.

How many executive holes of golf are in the Villages?
There are currently 369 total executive golf holes with plans for 27 more, even more if you count pitch and putts.

How much does it cost to play the executive courses?
Residents can play executive courses for a trail fee of $4 per 9 hole round or purchase a yearly trail pass for $136.

Is there really “Free Golf” in the Villages?
Technically, executive golf in the Villages is free, but you still have to pay the $4 trail fee. The executive golf trail is paid for in large by the Community Development District or CDD (commonly referred to as the bond). The CDD is a 25 year amortized municipal bond used to pay for the infastructure of the community. The amount paid varies by neighborhood from paid off to over $40,000 for new homes which equates to approximately $1400-$3000+ added to you yearly tax bill. The amenities fee per household is an additional $189 per month. That said, the comparitive cost of golfing in the Villages is quite reasonable.

What are the best executive courses in the Villages?
This also will depend on who you ask and where they live. Most golfers are willing to travel further to play a championship than an executive course. Since you are only allowed to schedule 1 – 9 hole course per day, most limit their normal range to 30 minutes or so by cart. While they’re are plenty of golfers who have played them all, the average Villager plays maybe half of them regularly. From the groups we play in theses are some of the favorites (most of these have a sister course):

Pelican, Gray Fox, Yankee Clipper, Roosevelt, Sweetgum, Escambia, Churchhill Greens, Briarwood, and De La Vista.

Exceptional Amenities and Facilities

The Villages Golf courses offer exceptional amenities and facilities – from driving ranges and golf schools to pro-shops and restaurants. Golfers have access to top-of-the-line equipment and apparel, clubs rentals, and storage facilities. The Villages is home to the Nancy Lopez Legacy and Palmer Legends Golf & Country Club, where golfers can get instructions from the highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

The Villages is a Community Like No Other

If you’re a retiree looking for a place to settle down in Florida, The Villages is one of the places you should consider. It’s not your typical retirement community as it offers its residents much more than just a place to live.

The Villages, located in Sumter County, Florida, is one of the largest age-restricted communities in the world, covering an area of approximately 32 square miles with a population of over 130,000. It’s designed for retirees who are seeking an active lifestyle. The community is subdivided into 100+ neighborhoods or villages.


The Villages have a plethora of amenities to offer. The community is home to over 3000 social clubs and organizations, including sporting groups like tennis, golf, and bowling. There are also social groups, volunteer organizations, hobby groups, and weekly organized events for retirees to take part in. The city also has numerous restaurants, shopping centers, medical facilities, and an supurb nightlife.


Social life at The Villages is one of the community’s highlights, making it different from other retirement communities. There are various activities and clubs organized to meet residents’ needs, where they can make friends and have fun. You can participate in arts and crafts, sports (golf, tennis, softball, pickleball, and more), dancing, book club readings, and even theater and live music productions. You can easily stay active and engaged by pursuing your passions and hobbies in the community.


Being one of the largest active adult communities in the world, The Village truly has something for everyone. If you can’t find something fun to do here, then you’re probably just no fun. If you are into music, you’ll love the 4 town squares spread across The Villages, featuring nightly live music featuring genres like country, rock, and 50s and 60s. There is always something exciting happening here, from street dances to festivals, parades, championship polo matches, car shows, and holiday bashes.

Golf Carts

Living an active lifestyle in such a vast community may seem overwhelming, but that’s not the case with The Villages since it has one of the most incredible network of interconnected golf cart trails you will find anywhere. Residents can move around in this massive community going practically anywhere on their golf cart. Many Villagers use their golf carts as their personal vehicles. The Villages offers numerous parking spots for the golf carts at businesses, venues, and the town squares.

The Villages Homes For Sale & Housing Market

The Villages offers an impressive selection of homes to choose from, ranging from distinctive villas to beautiful single-family homes. The styles of homes vary from patio villas to luxurious premier homes with sterling amenities like private pools, golf cart garages, waterfront and golf course views.

The Villages home prices continue to rise as retirees seek the best communities in the country. The community’s real estate market has experienced significant growth in the last ten years, with many retirees buying into the community because of its great amenities, entertainment, and housing options. If you want to look into nearby developments, you may also want to consider communities near the Villages.