The Villages Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods North of 466

27 Neighborhoods
5 Championship Courses 117 holes
13 Executive Courses 117 holes


Neighborhoods South of 466

31 Neighborhoods
4 Championship Courses 108 holes
13 Executive Courses 144 holes


Neighborhoods South of 466A

15 Neighborhoods
3 Championship Courses 81 holes
7 Executive Courses 63 holes


Neighborhoods South of 44

17 Neighborhoods
1 Championship Courses 18 holes
5 Executive Courses 45 holes

*Actively Building*

The Villages, while a cohesive master planned community, consist of over 100 individual neighborhoods. It is a city unto itself and is the largest by population and land area for an hour in any direction. The size of The Villages is hard most newcomers to envision, that is until you drive it by golf cart. Even with a tuned up cart traveling at 24mph+, it will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive from the most northern to southern golf course and that distance is growing.

Location is Everything is in The Villages, which is why you should first decide which part of town best suits your needs. Don’t make the mistake of falling in love with a floor plan before first deciding which area and The Villages Neighborhoods you like best.

There are Substantial Tax Advantages to certain areas of The Villages. This in combination with differences in bond (CDD) payments, can make as much as a $6009.00 Yearly Difference in tax liability on a $500,000 home.

Before you purchase a home, ask yourself these questions:

1. Which areas have the best amenities?
2. Where are the golf courses you want to play regularly?
3. Which town square do you prefer?
4. How far is it to your everyday needs such as shopping, dining, and medical?